Products & Services / Services

Our services consist of consulting, project management and solutions for:

Industrial Automation

Industrial robotics, plant and machine control, Siemens S7, Profibus.

Mechanical Engineering

Steering and control solutions. Operate & observe. Optimization of your process chains. Individual solutions for mechanical engineering industry.

Being your engineering partner we can give support for all of your engineering processes.


Support for the selection and application of commercially available simulation solutions. Demand analyses. Feasibility studies. Individual simulation solutions. Additional value by using the simulation model in training the customer.

We know the market and we can show you which tools - also from other suppliers - are usefull for solving your problem.

Methoden & Standards

We survey methods and standards - and we know how to use the right ones in a method of approach, so that your work is completed as you had expected. Experience, know-how and compentence together with the application of professional development and management tools offer you the guarantee to get high quality products and services within your time and cost frame.

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