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Developing control software for machines and plants?   You want to lower
the development costs and improve the engineering chain?

SimVA IMS is the Engineering Tool that will precisely
give you the support that you need!

Das SimVA IMS Startfenster

Our focus

  • Proof of quality of the engineering process before the actual start-up with SimVA IMS Simulation

  • Very simple creation of the simulation modell

  • Integration with STEP 7, PLCSIM and Visio

  • Secure for investments and the future by using .NET-Technology / Windows XP


  • Control technical simulation of machines and plants

  • The simulated machine is controlled by the PLC programm to test

  • Simulation of the PLC by Siemens PLCSIM

  • More simulation objects in the categories: movement, sensors, lights, switches, buttons, selectors, analog values, logic und memories, times, flanks, relais, displays, ...

  • Connect the simulation objects to the simulation modell by graphical or symbolic connections

  • Interactively control and watch the PLC and all simulation objects

  • Project oriented GUI with standard elements (menus, tree-views, drag & drop, etc.)

  • Your simulated control panel can not only be used for testing purposes, but also for training exercises or presales support

And so simple is using SimVA IMS

A short presentation about working with SimVA IMS:

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Schritt 2 - Set the parameters

Set the parameters of the simulation object

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Info about SimVA IMS

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